About Chic Henry

Born in Launceston Tasmania in 1946.  After leaving school in 1963, joined the Army. Excelled in sport and jammed as much as possible of everything else into every day and still does.

Chic Henry is mostly known as the Founder and Promoter of the Street Machine Summernats Car Festival successfully staged in Australia’s National Capital Canberra since 1988.  The Summernats is one of Canberra’s premier events and has enjoyed many successes including Tourism Awards.

Combining his love of cars and his charisma with people he learned how to develop an innovative program that attracted thousands of people year after year.

Whilst he developed an expertise in marketing and merchandising techniques valuable to sponsors, exhibitors, participants and patrons, he never lost an undying desire for everyone to have a good time.

There is really no doubt that Chic Henry has much to be proud of, has certainly done a lot and has had a good time throughout his life.

Mr Henry’s book “I Remember One Time” isn’t so much a biography, but a recollection of his colourful life and the funny stories that he remembers.

It’s about the mad things he’s done, the crazy people he’s met, the ridiculous situations he’s got himself into, including the times that he almost died doing it. Over 454  pages of stories, jokes, references and colourful images of a life of fun.

Listen to what he says:

My experiences are extensive, from the highs and lows of financial management, the needs of being in touch with ever changing Government compliance, people management, security issues that included the recognition of ethnic groups within a motorsport culture, levels of entertainment, writing of procedures, preparation of marketing strategies and many, many more.

My military background, sporting background and even years in the funeral industry has given me an understanding of human nature.

I have lived and loved life and my experience and understanding is extensive and I believe I am a good bloke and I love having good conversation about cars and almost anything else. I’m good at that too.

Talk soon. Chic



“Reading Chic’s book really is like listening to him tell jokes and stories about anything he found funny; especially good jokes. I’ve known him through drag racing and hot rodding and when he dropped into my Snappy Snacks café for a rave whilst test driving…”

John “Stomper” Winterburn
A Founding Director, Willowbank Raceway

Last year Chic handed me a manuscript of his autobiography and  said “There ya go mate – – let me know what you think”. That night I had a peek at the first page and I was simply hooked. Basically from that moment on every waking moment of the next week was taken up …”

Jon Van Daal
Journalist, motorsport photographer, author.

“… one thing I’m particularly excited about is getting my hands on Chic Henry’s autobiography and he’s lived a 1000 lifetimes in one. I’ve always enjoyed his tales of the early years of street machining  and drag racing in the 70’s, so it should be a cracking read…”

Simon “Telfo” Telford
Street Machine Editor